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Routes and Schedules


Route #

Route Name PDF Schedule  Quick View Schedule
1 A & B Fixed Route PDF Map & Schedule  Quick View
2 Corning Connections PDF Map & Schedule  Quick View
3,4,5 Rural Connections PDF Map & Schedule Quick View
6 Tompkins Connections PDF Map & Schedule Quick View
  Dial-A-Ride PDF Map & Schedule Quick View
Transportation Services

Schuyler County Transit operates 7:15 AM - 5:30 PM. Please note that scheduled times are subject to change, and not all stops are serviced until 5:30 PM.

Fixed Route Transportation: Schuyler County Transit operates its fixed route in the villages of Montour Falls, Odessa, and Watkins Glen, with limited service to Burdett.

Corning Connections Transportation: This service connects riders from Schuyler County to the city of Corning and Corning Community College through the Corning Transportation Center.

Rural Connections Transportation: This service connects riders from Burdett, Bennettsburg, Reynoldsville and Hector areas to Watkins Glen, where the fixed route operates.

Tompkins Connections: This service connects riders from Schuyler Hospital, Montuor Falls, Watkins Glen and the Route 79 corridor to Enfield Park and Ride (TCAT Route 20) and Cayuga Medical Center (TCAT Route 14).

Dial-A-Ride Transportation: Dial-A-Ride Transportation is available to rural residents of Schuyler County who live beyond 3/4 mile of the fixed route service. Service is available only to Watkins Glen and Montour Falls on specific days of the week at specific times..

Route Deviation: Route deviation of up to 3/4 of a mile is available to the general public and intended for those who are not physically or mentally able to get to or from the nearest bus stop.  Route deviation service is an additional 50 cents per deviation.  Service shouls be reserved by noon the business day prior to the needed ride.  Call 535-3555 for additional information. 

Bus Charter Service: This service is provided by The Arc of Schuyler, an approved Contract Carrier through the NYS Department of Transportation. A min. 3 hour reservation is required. The cost is $75 per hour per bus. Click here for information.