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Routes and Schedules

PDF Schedule PDF Schedule

Route #

Route Name PDF Schedule  Quick View Schedule
1 A & B Fixed Route PDF Map & Schedule  Quick View
2 Corning Connections Corning Route Brochure 05-2016.pdf  Quick View
3,4,5 Rural Connections RuralConnections Routes 3 4 and 5 04-2017.pdf Quick View
   Dial-A-Ride Dial-A- Ride Scheduled 10-2016.pdf  
Transportation Services

Schuyler County Transit operates 7:15 AM - 5:30 PM. Please note that scheduled times are subject to change, and not all stops are serviced until 5:30 PM.

Fixed Route Transportation: Schuyler County Transit operates its fixed route in the villages of Montour Falls, Odessa, and Watkins Glen, with limited service to Burdett.

Corning Connections Transportation: This service connects riders from Schuyler County to the city of Corning and Corning Community College through the Corning Transportation Center.

Rural Connections Transportation: This service connects riders from Burdett, Bennettsburg, Reynoldsville and Hector areas to Watkins Glen, where the fixed route operates.

Dial-A-Ride Transportation: Dial-A-Ride Transportation is available to rural residents of Schuyler County who live beyond 3/4 mile of the fixed route service. Service is available only to Watkins Glen and Montour Falls and only on Mondays and Fridays.

Bus Charter Service: This service is provided by The Arc of Schuyler, an approved Contract Carrier through the NYS Department of Transportation. A min. 3 hour reservation is required. The cost is $75 per hour per bus. Click here for information.