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Schedule For East Half of County

DAY            ARRIVAL      DEPARTURE 
Tues. & Thurs.  10:00 AM  12:00 PM
Wed. & Fri.  11:00 AM    1:00 PM


East Half County Zip Code  
14818 Burdett
14841 Hector
14886 Trumansburg
14863 Mecklenburg
14889 Newfield/Van Etten
14805 Alpine
14824 Cayuta
14869 Odessa


Schedule For West Half of County

DAY            ARRIVAL      DEPARTURE 
Tues,Wed,Fri.  10:00AM  12:00 PM
Thursday  11:00AM    1:00 PM



West Half County Zip Code  
14812 Beaver Dams
14815 Bradford
14840 Hammondsport
14893 Wayne
14887 Tyrone
14837 Dundee
14876 Reading Center
14878 Rock Stream





Making a Reservation:

  • Please request your ride no later than noon the business day before your desired transportation.
  • Pick up address is limited to Schuyler County. 


  • All fares are cash or ticket only and exact change.
  • Monthly passes are not available for Dial-A-Ride services. Tickets may be purchased in $1.00 increments and used in lieu of cash.


  • Please call and cancel your ride as soon as possible.
  • Three no-shows, or excessive cancellations may result in a 90 day refusal of transportation.
  • We realize that plans can change at the last minute; therefore, riders are allowed three no-shows in a three month time-frame before transportation is suspended.
Important Information
  • Enhanced door-to-door service is available upon request to a person who may need assistance guiding them to/from their first entrance door to the bus. Drivers may not go through doors or carry packages through doors.
  • Personal care attendants or aides travel FREE with the rider provided he/she travels to/from identical places with the rider as reserved. Otherwise, the aide is considered a travelling companion and must pay the appropriate fare.
  • Pick up time may be an hour or more before you've scheduled the bus arrival, depending on the number of reservations for the day. Please plan accordingly.
  • Confirmation calls are made after 12:00 PM the business day prior to travel. You must have a working phone number for us to leave a message with your confirmed pick up time.
  • You may only transport as many packages as you and your riding companions can carry. Riders may use backpacks or collapsible rolling carts to make transporting purchases to/from the bus easier. Drivers are not permitted to assist with packages.
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